Illustrated Guide: Perfect Simple Green Juice


perfectGreenJuice There are so many fun juice concoctions out there. And one for every kind of health improvement.  But this is my go to.  The perfect amount of sweet and green, with so much nutrition goodness.  And if you are on a budget and want to juice, especially organically, then this is a yes! I just add a lot of carrots, which are easy to find cheap and organic, use half a apple, romaine, and a little bit of kale and then some ginger for spice : )

Green Girl: 10 Tips on why to bring your own bag and how to make it a habit.



1. Reusable bags made of cloth, canvas  and etc. have the possibility to replace the use of 1000 plastic bags or more in their lifetime!

2. Plastic is made of petroleum, therefore very harmful to the environment. It takes hundreds of years, let me say that again HUNDREDS to completely break down in landfills.

3. FACT.Americans use, on average, anywhere from 300 to 700 plastic bags each year, per person. There is currently more than 7,250,00 tons of plastic polluting the world’s oceans at this very moment. Eeeeeek.

4. More than 46,000 pieces of plastic contaminate each square mile of our oceans. Okay, now think about that and then all the cute things you love in the ocean.  Dolphins, starfish, seahorses or if it helps the things you like to eat in the ocean as well!

So now that you have a few facts that make you cringe.  You say, but how am I supposed to remember to always bring a bag with me?  Well here are a few helping points:

5. Buy a couple different small packable bags such as baggu that you can carry in your purse. I am always switching purses so I try to have a couple different ones.

6. Have large durable ones for grocery shopping, make a habit of keeping them in your car. Or if you live in the city keep them next to  your fridge or grocery list so it is easy to grab them before you run to the grocery store.

7. Keep one bag at where you work, also keep them by your coat rack or by the door. Some people store coupons in them so they definitely do not forget.

8. Many grocery stores give you a discount to bring your own bag. or like Trader Joes they put your name in the raffle : )

9. Bringing your own bag is good for the animals, it means that wildlife won’t get tangled in them or eat them.

10. And IF you do forget and have to pick between plastic or paper.  Pick plastic and then make sure to recycle it.  Plastic bags require less energyy to produce and generate less solid waste than paper bags. **  And if you do use plastic you can reuse it for many uses, mini trash bags for small trash cans, broken glass, or many other reasons.


Three perfect summer bike outfits.


Sooo…if you follow me on twitter, you know I am a little obsessed with biking.  It’s become such a lovely way of life, especially when we are having all of this beautiful weather here in New York. From biking to the library- to run errands in the garment district -to dinner with friends, when picking out my outfit for the day, what is appropriate for the bike is MY top priority!  AND that is not just t-shirts or sneaks! If you know me, I am into dresses and all things girly!  So here goes….my top fave picks and why they are best for the chic biker!!!


When jumpers came back into trend, I was all over them. And when I decided to get a bike, they were the perfect pair!  Most easiest to bike in for sure! And you never have to worry about showing too much-sometimes the wind takes over, if you know what i mean!  I love these clogs from Nina Z. You can find her booth at the Brooklyn Flea, I am about to add some more to my collection.  I always get the “Wow!-that is hardcore biking in heels!” But the truth is girls—it’s SO much easier!! I have ruined too many cute flats by having them slip off the pedals! (And some bruised toes as well, no fun!)



Sixties shaped dresses are perfect for riding.  They are not super tight, and let little breeze through for those super summer hot days.  And if the dress happens to be a little short, just add some super cute bloomers.  I am very into this trend lately, and loving the ones from American Apparel!!  And you don’t need a giant back pack, little shoulder strap bags are perfect!  AND can we talk about helmets??!! Lets be serious girls, we spend so much time painting our faces, lets protect our pretty heads too!!  I KNOW, I KNOW….there are NO cute helmets out there!!  WELL… what about these white equestrian-like ones??…Bern has a cute one, and I am liking this one from Giro too!! So there–ha ha, no more excuses!


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Hot dinner date? No problem.  These American Apparel Biker shorts are perfect! I have a pair as well….add a cute top and some strappy shoes, and TADA!!  And I am especially loving the corset trend, perfect for a night out with some hot shorts! Betsey has a bunch of cute ones to check out!!

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Be Green + Lovelie Tip #4



Such a simple way to help the environment, these little reusable bags that you can stash in your purse! I won’t go into the devestating details of how paper and plastic can impact our wildlife and trees etc. I will just give you this little reminder! So when you are off to the Farmers Market or shopping in town this weekend…BYOB!! YES LETS!

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