Green Girl: 7 Bicycle tips for riding in the big city!



Here are a few basic rules, most likely you know.  But just incase you don’t I wanted to share! When I first got a bike in the city I was absolutely clueless.  And a little bit scared!  But once I got used to it I rarely every want to take the subway.  Especially when the weather has been amazing like it has been today this last weekend, it was like discovering New York City all over again.

1. Be a super careful bicycler! The above illustration is a little comic version of me. Obviously I dont bike around with kittens in my basket, maybe just farmers market finds. But I am super careful, maybe even a bit slow, so I mine as well have kittens in my basket.  This illustration describes perfectly how I feel when on the road in a dress and heels with a bunch of cyclist and their professional gear!!   I feel a bit ridiculous, but in a good way : ) I would much rather be on the slow side and super alert, which is very important.  If you are biking in the city this is not the time to be listening to headphones and talking on your phone.

2. Pretend you are invisible. This goes right a long with being super careful. If you just pretend you are invisible, that’ll do the trick.

3. Be on the alert for flying doors. Yep this happens constantly, or cabs pulling over. So just train yourself to always be on the look out for people getting out of their cars.

4. If you get angry, get off! period. We dont need any more angry cyclist out there!

5. Oh, and please do wear a helmet.  Cover your pretty little head. There are not so many good lookin’ helmets out there. But there are a few, check out Public Bikes for some cute ones!

6. Get regular check ups. In the beginning of each season it is a good idea to get your bike fully checked out.

7. Dress the part. I personally prefer biking in heels over flats. Every time I wear flats my shoes always slip.  Heels are awesome, because you can just lock them into the pedal.  My fave shoes are my Nina Zs.  With the wooden heel, it is perfectly fine if it gets a little scuffed.  I think its cute that way.   I usually wear rompers or dresses.  If the dress is a bit short I like to wear American Apparel bike shorts under neath, or these bloomers are super cute too.







~Super chrome Bicycle Helmet

~How cute are these Bike Bells? I love the sweet baby blue one, but it’s also a toss up between the cherries + telephone, so cute!

~The prettiest white bike from Public bikes!

~Love this dip painted basket from Adeline Adeline

~A little birdie lock to protect your bike.

~The sweetest panda light to keep you safe at night!

Weekend Outfit: somewhat matchy matchy


I have never been matchy matchy. In fact probably nothing in my outfit matches, but have always made it work somehow. At least in my opinion 🙂 But lately, I have been really into matching outfits. Must be that 80’s girl in me coming out again. This little number, is somewhat matchy but not quite. Matchy in a quirky way, so totally me. And of course I kept in mind what would be bicycle riding appropriate. A dress that’s not TOO short, a light weight purse, and heels that easily sit on the pedal. As well flea market shopping and fancy brunching appropriate. Because isn’t that what weekends are all about?

| Topshop | Rachel Roy | Swedish Hasbeens | Rebecca Taylor | Marc by Marc Jacobs |

Bike pedals and pearls.


Quick snapshots on my way to a meeting while quickly running my bike to the bike shop for quick tune up! Bike riding season has finally arrived!

outfit~Dress:Vintage from Beacon’s Closet, Handbag: c/o Katherine Kwei, Belt: Betsey Johnson Shoes: c/o Keds

Three perfect summer bike outfits.


Sooo…if you follow me on twitter, you know I am a little obsessed with biking.  It’s become such a lovely way of life, especially when we are having all of this beautiful weather here in New York. From biking to the library- to run errands in the garment district -to dinner with friends, when picking out my outfit for the day, what is appropriate for the bike is MY top priority!  AND that is not just t-shirts or sneaks! If you know me, I am into dresses and all things girly!  So here goes….my top fave picks and why they are best for the chic biker!!!


When jumpers came back into trend, I was all over them. And when I decided to get a bike, they were the perfect pair!  Most easiest to bike in for sure! And you never have to worry about showing too much-sometimes the wind takes over, if you know what i mean!  I love these clogs from Nina Z. You can find her booth at the Brooklyn Flea, I am about to add some more to my collection.  I always get the “Wow!-that is hardcore biking in heels!” But the truth is girls—it’s SO much easier!! I have ruined too many cute flats by having them slip off the pedals! (And some bruised toes as well, no fun!)



Sixties shaped dresses are perfect for riding.  They are not super tight, and let little breeze through for those super summer hot days.  And if the dress happens to be a little short, just add some super cute bloomers.  I am very into this trend lately, and loving the ones from American Apparel!!  And you don’t need a giant back pack, little shoulder strap bags are perfect!  AND can we talk about helmets??!! Lets be serious girls, we spend so much time painting our faces, lets protect our pretty heads too!!  I KNOW, I KNOW….there are NO cute helmets out there!!  WELL… what about these white equestrian-like ones??…Bern has a cute one, and I am liking this one from Giro too!! So there–ha ha, no more excuses!


1 23 |45

Hot dinner date? No problem.  These American Apparel Biker shorts are perfect! I have a pair as well….add a cute top and some strappy shoes, and TADA!!  And I am especially loving the corset trend, perfect for a night out with some hot shorts! Betsey has a bunch of cute ones to check out!!

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