D.I.Y. Gold Painted Pumpkins





~gold metallic paint


~white pumpkins


A very simple DIY to give little pumpkins a classy spin.  I started with painting the stem gold and then letting it fully dry.  Second step is to tip them over and start painting the bottom.  The trick is to be a little messy with painting the pumpkins, giving them an unfinished look.  Use uneven brush strokes all around the bottom and leave the top unpainted. I did a couple of layers of paint but left the top of the brush stroke light and airy.





DIY: Bug Band


This is a DIY inspired by the character Helen Hunt plays in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  I have always been obsessed with all of her crazy head pieces she wears.  So I decided to venture into making my own.


~Headband, this one if from the brand Goody

~E6000 glue


~Gold acrylic paint

~toy bugs found at the dollar store, really you could use anything, be creative!

~Newspaper or paper towel to paint and glue on

Step 1:  Pain the bugs with gold, let dry. And then add another coat as needed.

Step 2:  Glue on in design as desired. For this headband I started in the middle so that it was somewhat even.

And then that’s it, it’s rather very simple!


D.I.Y.: Floral Choker: 2 ways.


Obsessed with the ’90s? Yes. Watch way too much Melrose Place? Um, guilty. So I couldn’t help but be inspired to do a DIY choker. In this case, I did two. One inspired by the character Jane Andrews, who plays a very sweet fashion designer on the show and runs around in her little floral designs. For this choker, I used white with little flowers to pair with my pretty floral dresses.  The other is inspired by her sister Sydney Andrews (not so sweet), a rebellious vixen that makes Jane’s life hell. But, she wins my heart with her epic style. Parading around in her black velvet baby dolls or leather and suede fringe jackets.  This choker a little more femme fatale, I used metal floral and chains for decoration. Now if I can just find that perfect velvet baby-doll dress to wear with it! 

The “Sydney” Floral Chain Choker: Supplies

• Black ribbon, I prefer velvet as it is easy to tie and untie or even better Crushed Velvet!
• Tiny chain, you can go wild with different colors if you like
• Metallic flower studs
• E6000 Glue
• Thread and needle
• Clipper (a professional jewelry clipper if you have it but in this case since the chain is so small a cuticle clipper worked perfectly!)

Step 1

Cut the chain into three small pieces of different length 4 to 7 inches. I used a ruler for the six inches in the middle where I set down the chain to how I wanted them to look. I preferred overlapping and uneven. I even let one hang off to the side, and kept a knot for unique detailing.

 Step 2

With a thread and needle sew the ends of the chain onto the velvet ribbon.

Step 3

Place metallic flowers however you like. I decided to keep the uneven theme. And then glue and let dry.

Ta Da!

All done! A super easy but fancy choker is made!

The “Jane” Sweet Floral Choker: Supplies

• White leather trim
• Mini rosettes
• E6000 Glue

 Step 1

Layout how you would like the flowers to be placed on the choker. I chose 3 and started in the middle, but you could use more if you like!

Step 2

Glue and let dry.

And…Ta Da!

So very simple! But yet can add that little extra touch to make an old outfit feel new again!

{all photos by me}


DIY: The Painted Collar


As seen on The Blush this is a DIY collar (a huge trend at the moment!) that you can tailor (literally!) to your personality. I had so much fun with my project, I made two — one for my more artistic and creative side and another for the more vintage, polished girl feel.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


• Ribbon (elastic works well too; really whatever you have around the house you think will work), 1/4-3/8″ wide
• Acrylic paint, whatever colors you like!
• Scraps of leather or suede
• Pattern, you can download here
• Strong glue
• Paint brush
• Sharpie


Step 1: Cut out pattern and trace onto back of leather/suede scrap with a Sharpie.

Step 2: Cut the leather/suede and flip over to right side.

Step 3: Paint each collar piece as desired. In this look, I went with a more demure look with gold polka dots on white background. For my “wild” look, you will see I went for a more fun, crazy, artsy look.

Step 4: Complete look and let dry.

Step 5: Cut ribbon 1 1/2″ in the middle, and 8/10″ for each of the ends. Glue and let dry. You can always cut off ends a little more if too long.

Ta Da!

It’s the perfect accessory to make that old outfit you love new again!

Go Artsy

And just to keep the creative winds going, here is one a little more on the wild side! It’s the exact same concept, but I used another color for background and went a little dramatic with the colors!