Where is July going?!


Can’t believe it’s almost halfway through July?!  Hope everyone is having an amazing summer. If you haven’t yet be sure to download my printable calendar to make all of your planning so much better! Filled with awesome illustrations by yours truly!  Calendar is through 2016. Click this link to get the download: http://bit.ly/1xIVBWi



Let’s get organized!


I created a fun little pdf file full of to-do lists and calendar’s with my illustrations and graphics!  Click here for the fabulous download! You will find a meal planner, weekly planner,  day planner, Birthday and password tracker, goal setter, and to-do lists.  Enjoy and Happy Monday! LaceeSwanLetsGetOrganized

10 Tips on why to bring your own bag and making it a habit


I have always been a huge fan of “being a bag lady” and using less paper and plastic.  I think it is one of the easiest ways to incorporate into your daily routine and be green.  I have recently made the change from Brooklyn to a small town in North Dakota.  It is not quite as popular here as it was in New York where people asked me if I even need a bag because so many people already bring theirs.  Luckily it’s a small town so everyone knows that I am that girl who brings her who own grocery bags.  Hopefully I will start a trend, right?!  So here are some  reasons of why you should make this a habit. As well as some quicks tips on how to, whether you live in a big city or tiny town.   BeAbagLady

Illustrated bags from:  baggu  |  Ban.do  |  Kate Spade

1. Reusable bags made of cloth, canvas  and etc. have the possibility to replace the use of 1000 plastic bags or more in their lifetime!

2. Plastic is made of petroleum, therefore very harmful to the environment. It takes hundreds of years, let me say that again HUNDREDS to completely break down in landfills.

3. FACT. Americans use, on average, anywhere from 300 to 700 plastic bags each year, per person. There is currently more than 7,250,00 tons of plastic polluting the world’s oceans at this very moment. Eeeeeek.

4. More than 46,000 pieces of plastic contaminate each square mile of our oceans. Okay, now think about that and then all the cute things you love in the ocean.  Dolphins, starfish, seahorses or if it helps the things you like to eat in the ocean as well!

So now that you have a few facts that make you cringe.  You say, but how am I supposed to remember to always bring a bag with me?  Well here are a few helping points:

5. Buy a couple different small packable bags such as baggu that you can carry in your purse. I am always switching purses so I try to have a couple different ones.

6. Have large durable ones for grocery shopping, make a habit of keeping them in your car. Or if you live in the city keep them next to  your fridge or grocery list so it is easy to grab them before you run to the grocery store.

7. Keep one bag at where you work, also keep them by your coat rack or by the door. Some people store coupons in them so they definitely do not forget.

8. Many grocery stores give you a discount to bring your own bag. or like Trader Joes they put your name in the raffle : )

9. Bringing your own bag is good for the animals, it means that wildlife won’t get tangled in them or eat them.

10. And IF you do forget and have to pick between plastic or paper.  Pick plastic and then make sure to recycle it.  Plastic bags require less energyy to produce and generate less solid waste than paper bags. **  And if you do use plastic you can reuse it for many uses, mini trash bags for small trash cans, broken glass, or many other reasons.