Illustrated Guide: Perfect Simple Green Juice


perfectGreenJuiceThere are so many fun juice concoctions out there. And one for every kind of health improvement.  But this is my go to.  The perfect amount of sweet and green, with so much nutrition goodness.  And if you are on a budget and want to juice, especially organically, then this is a yes! I just add a lot of carrots, which are easy to find cheap and organic, use half a apple, romaine, and a little bit of kale and then some ginger for spice : )

Musette Monday: Jane BirkIn


How can we not like Jane Birken’s style. Classic with an easy edge.  From mod sixties to boho free spirited.  She is know for pulling off a t-shirt and jean style to a sequined dress and always look appropriate and never under or over done. For summer my favorite silhouette are these little sixties mini dresses.  And Jane’s got it down for sure.  So now that bare leg weather is here, it is time to channel our inner Jane!








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