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Musette Monday: Dusty Springfield


Can we talk about this number one pop singer of the 60’s.   Just love to cook dinner  and put on some Dusty! I really miss the days of East Village Radio and Brian Ferrari’s awesome show 60’s degrees when it was all 60’s girl bands.  Although lately I have been getting into Dusty’s album from 1987 Reputation and Rarities.  Inspired by her work with the Pet Shop Boys, who I am also a fan of.  So not surprised about this new found love!  I really want to chanel Dusty’s high hair with a little bow and her cute outfits.  And if I could only have her style and her voice. But for now Ill settle for her style. Yes here we go again with the 60’s shift.  Love them right now with the peasant sleeves or even a bell.  Dusty-Springfield-2


DustySpringfield2 DustySpringfield5 DustySpringfield4





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Inspiration: pink obsessed!








PinkObsessed8   Getting in the mood for spring!  Here are a few of my current obsessions, follow me on Pinterest for more!

Go get em girl.


gogetemgirl A little inspo for all my go-getter gals out there. For those who know me well, know I got my start in putting together tech packages, that is terminology for garment construction.  Then on to designing dresses and such. And all along always illustrating on the side for friends, or absolutely no reason but the pure joy of sketching.  I loved music and parties so much so I took on DJing.  To survive my art dreams I would take on bartending jobs, I love being the host of the party so it just seemed natural to put cocktails on here too.  I’ve been named the Hipster Martha a couple of times, here and here. I have  always been inspired to turn my hobbies into money making opportunities. Which is why I think the world of Fashion Blogging intrigued me, perfect for an Entreprenurial spirit like me.  As an Artist it is a beautiful opportunity to see your work evolve, and blogging allows other to engage in your progress.  Thinking back to the days when I worked behind a coffee shop counter drawing all of my co-workers to kill the time. And well now I have had the opportunity to do that with some brands that I love! PS. I still have all those little sketches, and I should totally post them here. It is proof that working at your craft pays off!

5 of my favorite ways to get yourself motivated:

1.  Write out the details of your dream day. I know it is in every kind of motivational book, but it totally helps! My dream day from five years ago has certainly changed since then. Instead of waking up and going for a run, I prefer a mid afternoon swim. If you have this written on paper it makes the vision stick to you when things seem to get a little tougher.  And helps you push through it!

2. Make a list of goals! I’m obsessed with them, I have one for everything it seems like.  It’s great to have them down with a deadline and then what you have to do to get there. The more you do this, the more realistic your goals get.  And it’s okay to dream big, but just don’t get hard on yourself when you have to push a date back.  Plus maybe something new and exciting will pop out of nowhere!

3. Read success stories.  I absolutely love reading biographies.  I think it is inspiring to read how others achieved their goals.  It is the best kind of pick me up for us with big dreams.  There are so many great stories out there of how people made it happen. I am currently reading Goldie Hawn : )

4. Get inspired. Leaving your workspace and doing something un-work related is the absolute best. Especially for us bloggers out there. It always feels like we will get more done sitting at our computer. But that is not always true. I get most of my ideas when riding my bike, especially over the Williamsburg bridge. I also love going out at night and surrounding myself with other artist who have fabulous style, I have always been a fan of club kids.

5. Fake it til you make it. A lot of my friends will claim I say this quite a bit. But it goes back to the beginning when I was a student at FIT for Fashion Design.  My Draping professor tried to encourage us the importance of going to the stores and looking at clothes and understanding the details. Especially luxury stores. Which can be super intimidating. But he is right the clothes are beautifully made.  So as he knew we were all super young students he told us before you walk into the store just psyche yourself up that you have lots of money. Then well if you act like, surely everyone else think so too! So ever since that day when walking into a super luxury store, knowing I don’t have a penny to spend and I just want the pleasure of looking at beautiful clothes. I walk right into that store with that thought in my head, and well I am not sure if it works. I can’t read anyones mind! But i know that I myself feel more confident and comfortable in my own shoes. And that is something that is even more important. So if you have a fear, psyche yourself out. Or fake it til you make it.