Musette Monday: Sidney Andrews


Oh….Sidney!! The beloved charachter from 1992 Melrose Place.  Sidney Andrews played by Laura Leighton is a carefree young woman always questioning herself and seamlessly getting into trouble.  Her style definitely won me over when she entered the scene inher bad girl 90’s style. Leather jackets, beret’s, studded belts, oversized patchwork and floral dresses along with her doc marten’s. Yes. Yes. Yes.

{ screencaps by me }

Musette Monday: Marina And The Diamonds


When I saw Marina in this look on a recent article with StyleCaster, I fell in love, and immediately thought…I need this look! So very cute!  Really feeling the mohair fuzziness with the pencil skirt! I remember seeing a Marina at SXSW a couple of years ago in her Minnie Mouse overalls, love this new feminine look on her!

a few of my favorite items to get this look!

| Topshop | Fortune of Alice | Charlotte Taylor | J. Crew | White Kiss |