Be My Valentine



For that girl boss BFF in your life:
 “Knock Them Dead”Lipstick Print 
For the one that is always going strong:
 “Go Get Em Girl” Iphone Case 
The friend with the biggest shoe collection:
 “High heels” Personalized Note Cards 
Because she always has a smile on her face:
“Hello Pretty” Print 
The friend who always holds out a drink when there is a bad day:
 “Friends Are Therapists You can Drink With” Print 
For the beauty guru:
 “Pink and Purple Hair, don’t care” Personalized Note Cards 
Because she always is fabulous:
“Sunglass Babe” Iphone Case 
The one that always has your back:
 “You Are a gem” Print 

2017 Free Printable Calendar


Happy New Year!  Here are some magical watercolor illustrations to get your year started! You can download them right here.